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October, 2017

Startup Walk Chennai

Startup Walk Chennai is a city-wide open house for technology companies.
Check out the spaces, meet the founders and get a behind-the-scenes look
at the most innovative companies in Chennai.

Ecosystems are not curated like gardens. They grow like Forests. Let's take a walk!

Join us on 12th October, 2017 (Thursday) to meet the founders, companies and
new technology that is shaping India’s future.

Registrations for REGULAR Participants OPEN. EARLY BIRD SOLD OUT.


Meet a diverse range of the ecosystem - be it early stage startups, fast growing companies, incubators, accelerators and coworking spaces.

Talks by Startup Founders

Hear inspiring stories and talks by Startup Founders on what makes them and their startup tick, how they got started, and what keeps them going.

Guided and Curated Tour

Don't worry about logistics or where to get started. We have buses arranged to take you around to each of these offices and spaces, and bring you right back.

Startups, Companies & Spaces of 2017

A glance at those participating in this city-wide open office event. Want your org to be part of it?

  • Siam Computing

    Khuzema Siam

  • Indix

    Satya Kalki

  • SPI Cinemas

    Ratheesh Krishnan

  • OrangeScape

    Suresh Sambandam

  • The Data Team

    Rangarajan Vasudevan

  • RightFunds

    Vasudev Gupta

  • The Works @

    Ashwin Shankar

  • Zoho

    Sridhar Vembu

  • WekanCode

    Sampat Sathyanarayanaa

  • WSquare

    Jinal Patel

  • Report Bee

    Ananth Mani

Want Your Org to Be Part of Startup Walk 2017?


We plan a whole day for you - usually 3 routes, 3-5 startups in each and one networking dinner.

The day begins at 9:00am at the starting point. We get introduced and hop onto a route of our choice and get started. Over the course of the day you will visit 3-5 startup offices, coworking spaces and technology companies - some small, some large, some overflowing. You will get to spend anywhere between 30 - 45 mins in each org. Post which you'd hop back on the bus and continue the journey. Post the journey, all the participants will be dropped off at the starting point.


  • Route #1: Zoho, The Works @ (BigFDay, Engfluence, BlueCaffeine, ZenSeek, Chatgage), Indix
  • Route #2: Zoho, RightFunds, Siam Computing, WeKanCode
  • Route #3: WSquare, ReportBee, The Data Team, OrangeScape, SPI Cinemas


Post the Walk, you can join us for the Post-Event Dinner, where the participants and the founders of participating startups, companies and spaces will be present. Mingle, continue the conversation over food!
We have limited spots for the networking dinner and hence will be on first come, first serve basis.

Starting Point

As has been the custom in the past two years, We will all form an ensemble at the starting point by 9:00am. After introductions, we split into our respective route buses and get going by 9:30am. The Zoho route bus will leave by 7am.

Besant Nagar Beach


The Beach, Besant Nagar
044 32299601

See on Google Maps


Participation is open to all, with a small "commitment" fee, just so that we know you are really coming!


If you'd like to sponsor or support this initiative, let us know.